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About UKU

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Ukrainian Kennel Union is the most numerous and prestigious Ukrainian organization which is occupied with the stud breeding and protection of the pure-bred dogs. It unites more than 250 thousand members – the skilled professionals and canine masters. Many Ukrainian dogs won the international European and World dog shows which is the result of the hard work of Ukrainian cynologists.


The history of Ukrainian Kennel Union dates back to the year 1990 – the time of the birth of our independent country. Since 1996 UKU is the member of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), founded in 1991, which is now the most powerful canine organization uniting 91 countries of the world. UKU unites the local territory clubs and now comprises more than 100 regional all-breed clubs. Dogs of Ukrainian origin are shown at the regional, international, European, world and breed shows, receive the titles of the Candidate to the International Beauty Champion (CACIB), Candidate to the International Working Champion (CACIT), titles of the International Beauty Champions, International Working Champion and many other international titles and awards. Nowadays UKU has more than 300,000 dogs of 260 breeds. Each year about 9,000 litters, 40,000 puppies are registered in the UKU Stud Book. More than one thousand of Ukrainian dogs were awarded with the title of the International Beauty Champion.


Ukrainian Kennel Union is actively cooperating with the legislative and executive authorities, including the partnership with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Customs Service of Ukraine.


The professional reforms have been successfully implemented in the renowned Ukrainian Kennel Union for the few recent years. Breeding work, top-level show organization, promotion of the UKU activity, creation of the strong judges pool – all these a far from being all the reforms and innovations taken by the new UKU Board. The powerful and well-equipped information and analytical center was created in a short time to arrange and regulate the club data base, process the information, issue the certificates and pedigrees. Today the titles can be confirmed directly at the dog shows, the pedigrees are issued within a month, and the maximum term of issuing any document is three months. The layout of the breeding papers was also changed to simplify the issuing and working with them. New web-site with a hotline can provide anyone with a fast and helpful assistance. Daily work in Ukraine and abroad, including the organization of many big dog shows, is the best declaration of the basic aims and demonstration of the achievements of Ukrainian Kennel Union. Yearly UKU organizes great quantity of international, national, regional and special dog shows as well as the breed championships, sports competitions, cynological seminars and other events in different cities of Ukraine. In the weighty opinion of exhibitors and international judges the dog shows are traditionally held on the highest European level and in a very friendly atmosphere. The most prestigious and spectacular Ukrainian dog shows are the “Golden Gates” and “Ukraine” in April, “Golden Pectorale”, “Gold of Scythians” and “Sophia of Kyiv” in August and the final shows of the year – “Kyivska Rus” and “Crystal Cup of Ukraine” in December which are held in the capital of our country, they usually gather about five thousand participants, summarize the show season and nominate the best dogs of the year. In the weighty opinion of exhibitors and international judges the dog shows are traditionally held on the highest European level and in a very friendly atmosphere.


This year about 20 thousand guests visited our dog shows. Such high interest and respect of international cynological society can be explained not only by the successful activity of UKU and Ukrainian professional cynologists for the recent years, as due to the hard and fruitful work UKU became one of the ten top national canine organizations of the world, as well as by the 25-th anniversary of the UKU, but also by the fact that for the first time in the history of native canine life Ukraine has got the right to host the European Dog Show 2017 on August 24-27, 2014. Three more countries applied to have right to organize this great event – Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, but Ukrainian Kennel Union has won this right for Ukraine which is a meaningful step for our dog-lovers and for Ukraine as a European country in whole. The Euro Dog Show 2017 in Kyiv can gather about 20-25 thousand dogs of all the FCI-recognized breeds from all over Europe, all the representatives of the cynological elite of the continent and of course many foreign guests. Euro Dog Show has all chances to become as popular as a European football championship. In 2010 Ukrainian Kennel Union started issuing the “Club Dogs” magazine, which is now known in Ukraine and abroad, to promote the internal and external work of UKU, discuss the up-to-date cynological questions, educate the amatory dog-lovers.


The result of any major and minor event depends on the unity, reliability and excellence of the people who work on it. This applies to the European Dog Show. Kennel Union unites dedicated people, real professionals and enthusiasts – canine followers, passionate admirers of dogs, who always act as one united team. Here, as in mountaineering, the unity and that teamwork are important. Whatever obstacles are met, at all times they can only be overcome due to the individuals working in the Kennel Union, due to their dedication and common interests. These are the people who work day by day at the UKU Head Office, they will take the responsibility to organize the European Dog Shows which will be held in the capital of Ukraine in 2017 and will attract tens of thousands of visitors from around the world – participants of the European Dog Show2017. Georgiy Onishchenko, skillful and experienced manager, real dog lover, is the President of Ukrainian Kennel Union for many years.