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No matter from what country or city you are coming you are required to provide at the customs control the proof of the anti-rabies vaccination made NOT LESS THAN 30 DAYS and NOT MORE THAN 12 MONTHS before crossing the border of Ukraine!!!

You still have time to re-vaccinate your dog till July 24 if its vaccination was made BEFORE August 24 2016!!!!


Dear Exhibitors!


All you need to come to Ukraine is:

– Marking (tattoo or microchip);

– Euro Vet Passport;

– Valid vaccination against rabies (not later than 12 months and not earlier than 1 month).


We wish to inform you that the conditions which should be met in order to move a dog from a non-EU territory

(Ukraine) to the European Union are as follows:

– Marking;

– Vaccination against rabies;

– Treatment against Echinococcus multilocularis;

– Health Certificate and Declaration;

– Rabies antibody test (the derogation is given by the EU resolution when providing the animal health certificate issued by an official veterinarian in the non-EU country (Ukraine) – each participant will receive this certificate at the veterinary control at the show).

For more detailed information, please, refer to this website: